6 Top Winter Activities For Outdoor Enthusiasts In The Mountains

6 Top Winter Activities For Outdoor Enthusiasts In The Mountains

Winter is a time for hibernation, but that doesn't mean you have to be bored. Yes, it is cold and all your hot coffee freezes in an instant but nonetheless fun things are very much possible. There are a whole host of outdoor activities that you can enjoy in the winter. And what's even better, many of these fun activities can be enjoyed with your friends and family members. Some of these exciting winter activities include:

1. Snowshoeing

If you are looking for an activity that is both fun and exciting but not too strenuous then snowshoeing offers just that. You can go on long walks through the woods or even climb hills with your feet strapped to these lightweight shoes. It is also easy to get back into action if you want to stop midway. All you have to do is just remove your snowshoes, take a break and then get back on.

Think about it as hiking in the snow. You can actually use hiking as an excuse to spend time in the woods when there is snow around. You can strap on some ice crampons or snowshoes depending on the terrain and climb hills for hours under the sun.

2. Trawling

If you love to fish and the thought of taking home a nice catch for dinner excites you then this is one activity that you can take up in winter. Though it may sound crazy to go trawling when there is snow all around, fishing can really be fun. Get a few friends who can and are willing to fish that time of the year and hit the sea. There are plenty of shallow waters where the ghost shrimp hide in the winter so there is a good chance of getting some fish. Just make sure that you have all the safety gear in place and that your boat isn't too deep in the water.

3. Cross Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is another excellent way to enjoy the outdoors in winter. It is fun, challenging and gives you a whole new perspective on things. Cross country skiing involves strapping on some skis while holding poles (or maybe even wearing them like crampons) and then zooming through trails while breathing in fresh air. You can go on cross country skiing solo or with a group to spice things up. Cross country skiing is not only good for the body but it also helps you stay fit and healthy because of the extra physical activity required.

4. Snowboarding

Another popular activity that outdoor enthusiasts enjoy during winter is snowboarding. Give it a shot if you haven't already and we assure you will not be disappointed. You can either go on it with friends or alone and enjoy the fun of manoeuvring down long slopes under a blanket of white snow. 

Snowboarding is challenging but yet very exciting at the same time. This amusing winter sport involves strapping on some special equipment such as helmets, wrist guards and elbow pads and then going down a snowy hill with a board strapped to your feet. Once you master the art of snowboarding, you will not want to stop anytime soon. There are many other exciting winter sports that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy in winter. All you have to do is give them a shot and we assure you won't be disappointed.

5. Ice Skating and climbing

Skiing on ice doesn't have to be a drag. In fact it can be very exhilarating and fun. Ice skating can be done using a special skate that allows you to glide across the ice.  It is as shar as a knife so as to get grip on the ice when moving. This can of course be done inside on ice rinks, which play host for various disciplines like ice hockey, dance, racing etc... BUT the most exhilarating time is when one can skate outside, when the lakes freeze over and the temperature is well below Zero degrees for several days. Ice climbing involves going up slippery cliffs and frozen watrerfalls using special equipment such as picks and shoes attached to your feet.

6. Snowmobiling

If you are looking for an activity that is with an engine and therefore perhaps slightly more exhilarating than most, then look no further. You can go snowmobiling in the mountains during winter! Snowmobiling requires you to strap on special equipment such as helmets and other safety gear before zooming through open trails under the sun. You can go snowmobiling with friends, with two people per machine; one driving and the one riding horse on the back. This amusing winter sport provides you with a sense of thrill, excitement, speed and downright power... cruising up the mountains with ease.  


A winter wonderland can be a lot of fun if you're an outdoor enthusiast. As the snow starts to blanket your surroundings, it's important to find ways to still enjoy yourself outside. The following are just some activities that people have come up with for those who love being active during cold weather.

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